10 Things I’ve Learned About Living In NYC

I have been living in NYC for almost two months now and in my time here I have learned a thing or two about the city life. If you are ever planning on being in the city, here are a few things you should keep in mind before you come. Maybe it’ll better prepare you!

1. Don’t walk too close to the buildings on the sidewalk unless you want a small shower every few steps from the AC vents above your head. The buildings of New York are lined with old AC vents that drip on a non-stop basis. So, if you’re not looking for a shower while walking down the sidewalk stay away from the buildings. The lack of shade is worth it. giphy


2. If you go to dinner and your friend decides to buy the lobster entree and four drinks to wash it down you too will be paying for it. In New York they don’t do separate checks, they only split it. If you’re looking to buy an inexpensive meal you better make sure your friends are on the same page.



3. Don’t be tricked into pressing the automatic 20% tip button in the cabs. Half the time, cab drivers are crazy, rude, and inpatient so why give them a whopping 20% for being an ass? Just type in the amount you want to tip, I’m sure that’ll be plenty.



4. It’s okay to take home the four veggies still sitting on your plate. Meals are so expensive here so you should get every pennies worth out of your food. Don’t feel bad about asking to take home what looks like scrap foods. It’ll get thrown in the garbage anyways so why not store it in your fridge for when you’re in need of a little snack?!



5. If you look even somewhat presentable you will get comments and hard core stares by every construction worker and truck driver. And yes, it will appear as if they are unclothing you as you walk by and yes it is as uncomfortable as it sounds, but you just have to pretend they don’t exist. Girls, whatever you do do not make eye contact!




6. Uptown is great for meeting old people who have a ton of money, so not my thing being that I’m in my 20s. Midtown is great for meeting business men who work too many hours a day and hit on any woman they see because they’ve been in business meetings all day with tons of other sweaty guys in suites. Downtown is great for meeting extremely stylish hipster guys who could possibly be gay, so you probably won’t marry him but you can become best friends.



7. If you go shopping and you’re spending over $110 make two transactions. Under $110 there is no sales tax! Save some money for a martini afterwards to celebrate your great purchases.



8. Rooftop bars are the coolest and best things that ever existed. Not only do you escape the heat and humidity, but you get an awesome view of the city. Get there early to watch the sunset and enjoy happy hour prices.



9. There is a big difference between local subway trains and express subway trains. On a local train it may take you 30 minutes to get from point A to point B but on an express train you may end up in Harlem in 20 seconds. Be careful about which one you get on, there is a HUGE difference.



10. There are so many places to get great free entertainment, especially in the subway stations where there are homeless people galore singing songs. I’ve found that “Lean On Me” is a favorite. Watch out that you don’t get on the same train car as them because it doesn’t matter if they are the best singer or the worst singer, in the entire world, they will continue to sing for the entire ride with no shame.



I’m sure that if I had more time here I would learn plenty more, but so far these are my big tips that I have for anyone traveling to the big apple. It is the most exciting, interesting, and money draining city I’ve ever lived in but I can’t get enough of it.