Stanton Social Escapade: The $20 Cab Ride Should Have Stopped Us

74 blocks South and approximately 8 blocks East is about how far we had to travel to get to this bar, Stanton Social. It was a very interesting night, to be more specific, Monday night. But let me start from the beginning.

Yesterday my three roommates started their first day of work. To celebrate, we we’re thinking we’d all go out and get dinner and drinks. Chelsea and I got a bit sidetracked by the endless shopping in the Time Warner Center, soo our dinner plans sorta fell through. At around 10PM Chelsea and I were just sitting down for dinner and drinks at a sushi place, called Tenzan. We were shocked and excited to see that the mojitos were only $9 each, because in most other places cocktails are around $13. (It’s a sad day when a $9 drink seems cheap to you). We clearly had to get a drink though because we were celebrating Chelsea’s first day at the law firm!

BTW, if you go you must get the mango shrimp roll, add eel and the Philadelphia roll. Yes, I realize that last night I was being a bit particular and weird, because who gets a mango shrimp roll and casually adds eel… well, I do, but it turned out to be quite yummy!!

ImageSippin’ and Surfin’

The drinks were great, the food was delicious but once it got to around 11:30 we knew it was time to navigate our way down to Stanton Social. I think I aged a bit in the taxi ride because it took so long to get there. Ya know, 74 blocks down isn’t exactly around the corner, by ANY means.

When we got to the bar we were alarmed by how few people were there but then we quickly realized that it was a Monday night and we were in the restaurant section. So as we walked upstairs we could hear the booms and feel the reverberations from the music. We knew we were in the right spot.

If I had to sum up this bar in two words I would say ‘ghetto fab’. It was fab but also definitely ghetto in a strangely somewhat classy way. Chelsea and I made the best out of it though and made our way to a table in the back with free drinks. In New York the word ‘free’ has a whole new meaning. It’s not the same as the ‘free’ in North Carolina or anywhere else because ‘free’ here is so damn valuable. You don’t pass up free stuff here and you take as much as you can get when you’re handed the opportunity. Although when it comes to drinking I’m not sure if that’s a great mindset…

We danced in the crowded section but then slowly made our way to the open section near the bar. We continued to dance with not a care in the world. The two of us were having the best time on our own. Chelsea doesn’t listen to much ghetto music in CA so since we’ve been here I’ve been playing some more of the ghetto music that she has missed out on. It paid off because she knew a lot of the songs that came on. (I’m a great influence/teacher)

We made friends with some Quay character and his friend, but ditched them quickly after. So… not really sure if you could actually call them our friends… We left them and got a cab home because we both had work the next day early in the morning.

I tried to drag my sluggish body out of bed this morning when my alarm went off but I couldn’t do it. Snooze was my best friend for a while.

I was proud of myself though because I was on schedule and was set to leave on time for work. Everything was great, until… I opened up my bag from the night before only to discover that my small wallet was missing from its place. Gone! Like it was never even there. I frantically turned the bag upside down and looked in it all over, hoping that maybe it was some sort of mean magic trick and the wallet would eventually fall out of the bag from thin air. Unfortunately that’s not how it worked.

My next step was to cancel my credit and debit card, but not before I wallowed for a little. I have never lost anything, so the fact that my wallet was missing this morning was, and still is, very troubling to me. One of two things must have happened. Either one of the ghetto fab people swiped my wallet from my bag or I dropped my wallet in the cab without realizing it. I believe the latter to be true because there were zero charges on either of my cards. That would have to make someone a very kind robber and that just isn’t a thing.

I lost a lot of important things last night so I am hoping and praying that some miracle will occur and I will get my wallet back. But we all know that probably isn’t the case…

So, if anyone sees a small blue Tory Burch wallet hit me up because that holds part of my life, which is now floating somewhere in NYC.