Gathering Street Style

As part of my internship I am required to submit five street style pictures a week. That means I have to go out into the streets of Manhattan and take pictures of the people who are the best dressed. At first it sounded fun to me but I quickly realized how intimidating and scary it truly is. Who wants to approach the best dressed, beautiful girl on the side walk and creepily ask for her picture?! Yeah, not me.

I have been the worlds worst intern about street style because I’ve only submitted it once… But shh don’t let anyone else know that. Want to know another secret, four of the five pictures I submitted were my friends and I dressed the majority of them in my own clothes. Desperate times calls for desperate measures!

Every week I walk around the streets scoping out good street style. Every so often I will see someone wearing something extremely fashionable and cute and just as I’m about to go up and ask for a picture of them my whole body shuts down. It’s as if I can’t open my mouth or move close to them. I physically can’t. I have tried so many times but I get so nervous and end up walking right by them like I never even noticed them.

If my boss asked me to take pictures of what-not-to-wear street style I could definitely get five each week. I wouldn’t care if I had to go up to someone who looked like they just rolled out of bed. There is nothing intimidating about sweatpants and a t-shirt. Louboutins, Helmut Lang, Celine, and Tom Ford, on the other hand, is terrifying.

I have also found that all the stylish people in New York can only be found downtown. The Upper West Side is filled with nicely dressed old couples, but that’s not really the demographic I’m looking for.

Hopefully I can find some stylish people ASAP because it is due again tomorrow…